Meet Gillian

celebrating the beauty in diversity

Youve been clicking around online for a while now and you stumbled upon my page. It looks similar to others youve seen before. You decide aw heck, why not? and contact me. The Contact Me button has been clicked and your phone dings - Its me! We set up a Zoom date with coffee in hand.

Your first impression is that I look like the average lady with a camera. We start with small talk and feel our way around our personalities. As the conversation progresses you realize there is something important happening right now. You found                                       

1) I adore people. I adore cultures and stories. I want to hear about yours
2) Grew up in L.A. - an epicenter of creativity, strangeness and freedoms 
3) Mom and pun master extraordinaire
4) My music choices would likely surprise you
5) Flowers are my jam
6) My experience in the military and MANY various jobs gives me a strong work ethic, ability to navigate any situation and broad understanding of things and people
7) Book FIEND! (Favorite authors are Margaret Atwood, Ayn Rand, John Clavel, Pearl S. Buck)
8) I have two cool cats named Gary Lazer Eyes and Kevin (who is a girl)
9) I can be silly, punny and very goofy when we shoot. 

Want to know more about me?

your photographer!

...Gillian is the best. We have had the pleasure of doing photos with her twice. Our engagement photos and our wedding. Both occasions she exceeded our expectations. Not only is she the sweetest but she has the eye for the perfect photos. She can put you at ease and make you feel comfortable when modeling is way out of your comfort zone! You can feel it in her energy that she loves what she does and it shows in all her photos! Our wedding may be done and over with but we have made a great friend and soooooo glad to have met her!!! We 💛 you Gillian!!!

- Alyssa G.

I want to start with the fact that my fiance and I are both very awkward people in front of cameras, but within the first 10 minutes Gillian was able to make us so comfortable and have fun! Our engages and wedding photos all came out so beautifully! Gillian has such an inviting personality with a creative eye and I am so happy she was able to photograph our wedding day.

- Mia W.

Working with Gillian was so much fun! She is so patient,professional and knowledgeable. I love how passionate she is with her work and her personality helps capture the best moments. Thanks Gillian!

- Olga A.

Gillian is Amazing! Neither my husband nor I would claim to be photogenic but you would never know by our pics. They are beautiful. The best part was that we had fun taking them!! We felt like models the whole time. Gillian made it entertaining! 

Ive never had this much fun taking photos before. -The Groom

- Rebekah G.

Gillian is AMAZING! I contacted her to do my daughters Sweet 16 photo shoot and she was very personable and told me what to expect before we even met. I had a general idea of what I thought I wanted, but she superseded ALL of my expectations and we had so much fun while doing so! Ill never have to question wholl SHOOT US 🤣 in the future!

- Candice S.

My son wanted to thank you, he said you made him feel comfortable. Thank you for making our afternoon wonderful.

- Sara G.